About Us
With the rise in demand for a better product, MCR USA™ was formed to cater the needs of the North American Market.  Our durable MR1100 Series Stepper Motors are designed for New Production and the Repair Industry.  Specifically, the MR1107, MR1108, and MR1109 Series Stepper Motors can be utilized for replacing defective Switec XC5.168, X15.168, X25.166, X25.168, X25.288, X25.569, XC5.589, X15.589, X25.589, X25.689, X27.168, X27.589 (Switec is a trademark of the Swatch Group). Although similar in appearance, our MR1100 Series Stepper Motors utilize larger teeth on the internal gears to prolong the life of the Stepper Motor.  Whether you are in the Production or Repair Industry, we understand that reliability is crucial for your business.  With the MR1100 Series Stepper Motors, you can have the peace of mind from utilizing a superior product. MCR USA™ is the formation of a company to exclusively supply stepper motors and accessories from the world's top manufacturer, MCR China. Founded in 2006, Wuxi Mcrot Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech corporation specializing in Research & Development and Precision Manufacturing. It is invested by the Xitong Group and led by two experienced Doctors. MCR is supported and cooperates with the China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, Micro-Motor Research Institution, and China Yuan Wang Group IC and Control Technology Institution. MCR designs and manufactures Stepper Motors, PMDC Motors, PMDC Gear Motors, and Motor Drive Controllers which are used in Cars, Household Appliances, Office Equipment, Fitness Equipment, Medical Devices, and various types of Automation Controls. MCR Motors are designed to produce low noise, consume low energy, and prolong a long life cycle. MCR Gearboxes have the features of smooth operations, low noise, and high efficiency. MCR Drive Controllers are designed for high reliability and low cost. MCR has successfully developed and refined the MR1100 Series Stepper Motors, as seen in the MR1107, MR1108, and the MR1109 Stepper Motors. These three Stepper Motors are mainly used in automotive dashboards. Products of Switec can be fully substituted by our MR1100 Series Stepper Motors. The Switec X25.166, X25.168, X25.288, X25.569, X25.589, X25.689 are fully compatible (Switec is a trademark of the Swatch Group). MCR specializes in Developing and Manufacturing High Performance DC Brush and Brushless Motors, DC Servo Motors, and Motor Drive Controllers. We have successfully developed MR35, MR63, and MR80 DC Servo Motors, which can replace similar products from Germany. These products have been used in many Automatic Door and Automatic Curtain devices worldwide.